Building Tartl was based on two critical reasons. One was that, creativity and art is withering away given how the world has become mechanistic and industrialized. Mechanization leads to slow deterioration of requirement of creativity. Art was and has been in the forefront of completely turning the world order turtle. Revolutions that marked the dawn of liberalism, democracy and republics were brought forth with the power of art. There is never a dearth of art, but increasingly art as a vocation for sustenance was increasingly getting difficult. This sparked the idea for a platform for artists to sustain and make art with all their creative freedom. Thus, Tartl was born. Tartl is a creative space which also helps creators build an online business using Tartl’s subscription and teams features.Here are some business ideas that can help you build your business with Tartl

  1. Provide offers through subscriptions

Subscriptions are one of the most versatile ways to build your online business on Tartl. Providing offers to your work, products, videos or any other type of kind and locking those offers into subscriptions helps provide exclusivity to your supporters and also can help you attract more sales on your creative production. Offers are a great way to attract supporters to buy your content.

2. Give exclusive pre-release access

Fans and supporters love exclusive premieres. Getting pre-release access to the content of their favorite creators is something every supporter is ready to pay for. Create a pre-release subscription and provide sneak-peeks and exclusive access to paying subscribers. This will help attract more subscribers.

3. Teach your creativity skills

Teaching is one of the most noblest of things that man ever discovered. Supporters who love their creators art always want to get immersed in their creator’s world. They want to learn, grow and even collaborate with their favorite creators. A creative masterclass through subscriptions is a great way to build a brand and a business along side producing content.

4. Create exclusive content for your Tartl fans

Apart from creating content outside Tartl, also create exclusive content for your Tartl supporters. This will provide supporters a more legitimate reason for opting for subscriptions to get access to the exclusive content. This is often one of the most used methods in which Tartlers make better out of their creativity. Building your online business by exercising full creative freedom has never been this easier. Tartl enables artists to break the shell and come out into a freer world with more focus on creativity rather than the business and sustenance part of it.If you have started your subscription yet, now is this right time!


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