Several kinds of art, creation and production requires collaborative effort. Although creativity exists in individual isolation, some forms of creativity gets enhanced when combined with other forms of creativity. The perfect example of this is a music production. It takes a collaborative effort from both the instrumental artists and vocal artists to put up a creative music production. Although instrumentals and vocals can subsist in isolation, their combination provides completes to the musical production. To cater to such collaborative efforts, we at Tartl have built the Team feature. Using this feature, creators can build a team, collaborate, create engagements, gather momentum, earn and grow together.

What is the Team feature?

Tartl’s Team feature is one of its kind networking and collaboration medium through which creators can join together and collaboratively create and earn together as a team. Teams may contain predetermined set of people who the creators already know, or a definitive set of creators who met each other on Tartl. This way Tartl helps creators leverage the network they build on Tartl and elsewhere and create collaborative engagements and generate income, all together.

Creating Teams

Creating Teams on Tartl are extremely simple. The following are those simple steps

  1. Click on ‘Switch Teams’

2. Click on ‘Create a New Team’

3. Click ‘Manage Team’

4. Invite Other Tartlrs and Collaborate

Teams That Stand Out on Tartl

The best way to explain this would be through an example or a role model. One of the most popular teams that have had a great experience on Tarlt is Monsoon Media. Monsoon Media is the first online video magazine to produce visual content. Since its inception it has grown to be one of the most liked visual content generator in Malayalam. Their Youtube channel that goes by the same name, Monsoon Media, has been viewed by millions of people worldwide. Their videos in Malayalam are extremely viral.

Monsoon Media works on a collaborative effort from more than one creators. These multiple creators have formed a Team on Tartl and started their Monsoon Media page on which they offer engagements in which they provide collaboratively produced content such as critical movie reviews. The revenue is shared by all the members of the collaborative Team. Similarly, if two or more creators want to collaborate and create content that be provided through an engagement, there is nothing better than Tartl’s Team option to do it. Do it now and do it today!

Sign up to Tartl and start creating teams. Happy Tartling 😀

PS – All collaborators should be registered on Tartl to form a Team.


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