Covid-19 hit the world a lot harder than anyone was prepared for. It is safe to say most countries weren’t ready for something like this especially in an economy where a lot of us, even those with regular jobs, live paycheck to paycheck.

The Indian government has issued a 21 day lockdown order with no public gatherings and with most companies switching to wfh the situation is getting serious. Those with jobs that can be performed online seem to be safe for now but the others, the daily wage workers, waiters, baristas, cabbies and so many others are currently out of a job and out of an income. Among these people are also artists who live from gig to gig, relying on public gatherings and shows to make their living.


Since it is the responsibility of each and every citizen to make sure we band together in times like this and cooperate with the authorities to make the situation less difficult, we must think of other ways to help and support those in our community who are currently out of a job. If you are one of those people who supports an Indie artist, here are a few ways in which you can help.

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1. Let us know if there is an Indie artist you want to see on the Tartl platform.

Tartl has a variety of options to support artists and creatives, but since we are a relatively new company, your favourite artist might not be aware of us yet. Let them know, or let us know so we can reach out and get them on board.

2. Buy your favourite artists’ new album right here on Tartl.

Right now buying merch might be a problem since deliveries are shut down and for good reason. But you can definitely support your favourite artist by buying their singles and complete albums on Tartl. When you do this the artist can provide you with little perks as gifts. It could be a live session, an AMA or even some insight into how the album was created.

3. Creators Fund

Tartltainment is something where we have artists come online to play for their followers. Through this we collect donations for a fund that is exclusively for indie creators. Don’t worry, we add some money ourselves as we are quite passionate about getting creatives heard and paid. How you can help is by telling everyone you know about these sessions. More the merrier, right?


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1. Collabs

Have just one song ready? Don’t worry. You can collab with other similar creators on Tartl to make an album. Our split payments feature will make sure that everyone gets their due. If you already have an album that’d you’ve collaborated with another artist for, just get them onto Tartl and start selling. You can still use our split payments feature which is available with all the perks you provide.

2. Sneak peeks

Working on an album? Or maybe you already released an album and are worried you have nothing to do at this time? Well, how about giving your Tartl supporters a sneak peek or a behind the scenes? Maybe they want to know how you work, do an AMA! There are multiple ways to monetize your work and your talents here on Tartl. Ask us and let us help you figure it out.

3. Masterclasses

You have a talent that a lot of people would love to have. Maybe you were born with it, maybe it was hard work. Whatever it is, you can help others achieve their dream by sharing your tips, tricks and gifts. Teach music, maybe tell people how to strengthen their vocals, teach them how to read music, how to play an instrument. You can even teach them how to edit music and what you’ve learned in your journey.

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4. Tartl PRO: 

To help you achieve your goals, we are offering you some of Tartl’s PRO features for FREE for a limited period. In fact, till you achieve your first 50,000 INR from your supporters through Tartl, we won’t charge you for these features at all. Creating a stable space for creatives is what Tartl strives to do. So go ahead, create, while we help you achieve just that.

Check out the features right here.

Don’t worry and don’t tap out. This is a difficult time for everyone and each person suffers differently. Relax and share your gift with the world, who knows. You could make someone smile and turn their day around.

Come, join Tartl.


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