The most strikingly distinct feature of creativity is the complementary and reciprocal relationship between creators and supporters. With Tartl, the producer-consumer intimacy is no longer a marketing strategy, but a collaborative story. If creators and supporters are placed on two sides of a traditional weighing balance, the pointer would remain transfixed since they both weigh the same. There can be no creator without a supporter and of course, the vice-versa is nevertheless, true. Tartl has been built to leverage this intimate reality between the creator and the supporter which is otherwise lost on other social media platforms.

What’s in Tartl for the Creators?

Create With Absolute Freedom

Tartl as a platform is a home for all kinds of creators. The platform itself is flexible enough to be customized according to a creator’s personal needs. Tartl believes in individual freedom to create. As a platform Tartl poses no restrictions on the kind of creation that the creator wishes to produce. It provides complete creative freedom with absolutely no boundaries. The creative pursuit may range from anything big such as artwork or digital media like videos, podcasts or written content, or even a Q/A session for the fans. Creators are given complete freedom to use any kind of medium to engage with their supporters. Building a membership can itself become a rewarding creative process. That is the level of flexibility Tartl offers its creators.

Lock Your Content for Special Access

What follows successful expression of creativity is the sustainability of the creator. Tartl is not only a creativity platform but also a monetizing platform. Memberships help creators monetize their creative productions. By fixing a self-defined premium on a membership, creators get to lock their creative work, which can later be unlocked by a supporter on payment of the fixed premium. Some of our creators have very creative and exciting memberships. Neil Newton is an artist, musician, poet and a beat-boxer. He leverages his these skills by a Membership through which he provides beat-boxing covers for recorded vocals. You can check his Membership here.

Fans and Social Integration

Fans always strive to have a better glimpse of their favourite creators. Through Tartl Memberships creators can engage better with their fans. Tartl cancels out all other noises and provides for a private space for both the creators and the supporters to engage with each other. Centralized control of all other social media platforms makes shout-outs, sharing and posting updates easier. Creators no longer have to sign in to each of the social media accounts in order to post an update. It is all in one place, inside every Tartl account.

Instant Monetization and Sustainable Income

Predictability is the assurance against risks. Tartl provides creators predictably consistent revenue that they can generate through their memberships. Based on the number of productions, the premium of each memberships and estimated number of supporters, creators can easily predict their revenues within any specified time period. This reduces the risk and hence provides creators with a safer space to pursue their creative freedom.
The distinguishing feature in the monetization model is the instant cash out. There is no waiting time or any set criterion for the earnings to be cashed out. It is instant and happens as soon as the transaction is completed.

Creator – Supporter Engagement

There are several platforms that help creators build fan bases and promote their work. Even social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have expanded to accommodate the works of creators. However, what sets Tartl apart from the other platforms is the sense of close engagement that develops between a Creator and Supporter. Creators and Supporters who supplement each other on Tartl are surprisingly finding themselves locked in a closer relationship that moves it beyond a transactional relationship. We are increasingly hearing creators and supporters talk about how close they feel to each other and the art, through memberships.

Online Portfolio

Several artists and creators use several online tools to exhibit their portfolios. These portfolios act as a representative and catalyst for their further work. Since memberships are themselves tiny cubes of creations, they can act as exhibits. Thus, Tartl could act as an online repository or a portfolio of creator’s creations.
Our team at Tartl is on a quest to provide an exciting, a safe, definitive and exclusive space for both creators and supporters. More and more features are in the making and would be shipped anytime soon. Sign up and start Tartling now! Grow along with Tartl.

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