A loyal audience is every creator’s dream, isn’t it? There’s a certain mental peace that comes with KNOWING for certain that if you post something today you will at least get X number of people to check out your work.

Getting this is, of course, not as easy as one might imagine. Each post you create must resonate with your existing listeners to keep them coming back every time. People are very click happy and the unsubscribe button is just a tap away. So, how do you keep people coming back over and over again? 

First, don’t worry, stress never made anyone work better and it isn’t going to do so now. There are certain things you can do to keep your audience happy and it doesn’t require you to be a creative genius.

Read on to know more.

1. Be Reliable 

Reliability is underrated. We all like to imagine creative types as crazy and unpredictable but the truth is, the ones who succeed are the ones who are disciplined. And discipline comes in many ways. One of them is putting out content when you say you will.

As a Podcaster you are pretty much a one man/woman radio show and sticking to schedule so your audience can tune in is extremely important. If your audience expects a new episode from you every Tuesday make sure you put it one at the allotted time. If you are unable to do so for some reason, notify them via your social networks.

When your listeners see that they can come back to you for fresh content every week/fortnight/month they will start sticking around.

2. Listen To Your Fans

We don’t mean listen to your fan’s podcasts. Although, if they have a good podcast, why not? What we mean is have a Q&A session, ask your fans what they want to hear, listen to their feedback about your show so you know where you’re going wrong and what you’re doing right.

We can’t judge ourselves, we can only do our best. But when you listen to fan feedback you can see how others see your show and you can improve it. After all, your fans will only want you to reach success. So listen to them and grow.

3. Subscription Based Growth

This is the third step towards getting a loyal audience. When you already have a good listenership and want to connect more to people who come back regularly, if not all the time, subscription based models are the way to go.

This way, your existing listeners start supporting your work and consuming it on a more regular basis. You could also allow your fans access to exclusive content, one on one time and behind the scenes information through an engagements model. There are a few sites that provide this service and Tartl is one of them. To know how to monetize and grow your podcast through Tartl click here.

4. Be Friendly

The biggest reason people keep coming back is because they find the host(s) relatable. Be friendly in your approach. Take into account the demographic you’re trying to reach and speak in a way that is relatable to them. If you sound like an older stuffy professor maybe your podcast isn’t right for teens and if you sound like a young millennial maybe keep your speaking style something that they find enjoyable. Whichever it is, make sure that you sound fun and friendly and you’ll have your audience coming back for more. 

5. Keep It Crisp

Don’t drone on and on. No one wants to listen to a story for two plus hours, especially if your podcast isn’t about you personally. Keep it short and sweet and your audience will keep coming back. Podcasts can range anywhere from 10 minutes for short informative podcasts and 2 hours for investigative or political podcasts. But most podcasts find their sweet spot at around 30 minutes. It is the perfect length for commuting and to listen to while doing chores. 

We hope you liked this post and learned something new. To push your creative journey further and monetize your podcast check out Tartl today.

Happy Tartling!


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