Social media is the place to be these days. Everyone is tweeting, gramming and facebooking all day every day. FOMO is on an all time high with people joining left, right and centre and while this was a great way to get connected it is no longer such a great way to reach your following.

Especially for a creator whose main priority is rise about the noise and be seen by their followers.

As of now, twitter is the only place you can see your timeline chronologically. Facebook and Instagram have decided that they know what you want to see better than you do. Which means, even if you as a creator have hundreds of followers, unless they’ve turned on notifications for everything you post you’ll get lost in the crowd. It’s almost impossible to create and nurture direct relationships with your fans.

Tartl provides you features to connect better and in a more meaningful way.

Masterclasses : What this means is you can share your skills with your audience. It takes your relationship from a creator and a follower to one that is based on the sharing of knowledge. A connection like this is almost forever. Indians always put their Guru above almost everyone else so think of it that way. You’re in a position to not only share your knowledge but to help nurture a talent that could be the next big thing.

Engagement based subscriptions : Many of your followers want to know what’s really happening in your life. We understand that it can seem like an invasion of privacy to share everything with everyone. But, with this feature, you know who really means to support you and you can share what you’re comfortable with sharing. You control what you share with an audience that’s excited to support you in your journey.

Collaborations : You know those fans of yours who keep telling you that they love you AND another artist? Well on Tartl you can work with that artist and give your followers the collaboration they’ve all been waiting for.

A Voice : As we mentioned before, with social media and everyone following everyone else, your voice tends to vanish in the crowd. While on Tartl, each time your followers log in they know everything that you want to share. No more missed posts because someone else posted something more interesting, or because someone tweeted something that took up everyone’s attention. Tartl promises to put YOU first. No din, no crowd, just authenticity.

Come join us to connect with your people in a more meaningful way.

Happy Tartling!


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