The creative world has really come into its own in the past decade with more people pursuing careers in creative industries. A lot of us, especially the younger generation, are taking to the world wide web and relying on their followers to support and appreciate their work! Of course, feedback and follows aren’t the only thing. One also needs to survive as they hone their craft. This is where a platform like Tartl comes in.

Tartl allows you to monetize your current skills and talents through your existing followers. Basically, we are here to help you make money with what you’re already doing without the effort of setting up your own company, website or any other time consuming thing.

So, how can you monetize what you already have?

We have a variety of options so the modern creator can monetize their skills. From Subscriptions, communities(beta), sales, downloads, masterclasses, live sessions and much more!

Engagement & Subscriptions

This is the basis of engagements on Tartl and you can create whatever monetary tier you want for your various engagements. Subscriptions are just a way to ensure that you are compensated fairly for your art. This can be a monthly subscription or a one time payment. It also ensures that your followers have regular access to the exclusive content that you put out. The best part of subscriptions is that you get to decide how many subscription based engagements you offer and what rewards you offer under each tier.

There are two kinds of engagements which you can set it up on Tartl:

  1. Exclusive access is basically where you give your supporters access to you in a way that no one else gets. It could be passes, closed community, involving the supporter during the content creation process, etc. For example, check out how musician Mahesh provides exclusive early access to his followers. 
  2. Exclusive content is where your supporters get to see content that no one else does! One of our creators Monsoon Media provides critical reviews exclusively to his followers and redirect them from their existing channels like YouTube, Facebook & Instagram. 


Downloads are a way for you to offer your work in a downloadable format for your supporters and fans. Are you a concept artist who’s come up with your own set of amazing brushes? Allow your followers to purchase the brush set from Tartl! Or maybe you’re a musician who just finished a brand new single. Let people purchase and download your work right from your Tartl page. Suppose you’re a food blogger who wants to release a book but don’t want to do hard copies just yet, guess what? Tartl! Just upload your finished PDF/Epub/Mobi book, set a price and share the link with your followers! It’s really that simple.

Why don’t you take a look at Dr.Sharon’s profile here


Community is an invite only, beta feature on Tartl. Here established creators who have a sizable following create a private community to speak with their followers. This gives your followers exclusive access to you, the creator so they can ask you any questions or doubts they may have! 

You can also build a meaningful relationship with your most ardent supporters using this feature. You are, quite literally, building a community among your art form and your followers! Nothing can possibly beat that.


This is one of our favourite features. With masterclasses you can have an online course for your followers to learn from you! Take your success and experience and leverage it to make your class awesome. Imagine how excited they are going to be when they find out you are teaching them your skills!

All you need to do is grab a camera, a tripod and start recording your classes. Don’t know what to say? It’s easy. If you’re a script writer them how it is written,edited and presented. If you’re a sculptor, teach them your process from start to finish. What kind of clay or stone is used for what, what tools are needed for the trade. Maybe you’re an editor, what better way to teach them how to edit on a computer than through a computer screen! Whatever you do there’s someone out there waiting to learn from you!

Live Sessions

Are your fans in a different part of the world? Maybe you’re part of a band that wants to do a concert for their international followers but cannot because of Covid and other restrictions. Look no further, we have a live concert feature right here on Tartl. 

Just go to your page, select a session and let your followers know. Anyone from anywhere in the world can buy a “ticket” to your live session and watch you guys rock away to glory! 

This feature isn’t just for musicians though. It can be used by Podcasters to do panels, maybe a group of comic book artists, designers, movie directors, absolutely anyone. The possibilities are endless.

Tartl aims to make each creator independent so they can focus more on creating. With the support of your followers on Tartl you can relax knowing that you have a predictable source of income so your art really can become your profession.

Take charge of your creative journey and join us today on Tartl.


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