Most of us will remember when our parents told us stories, when our grandparents were huddled around a radio waiting to hear a score or some amazing news. When alone we turn on the television while in another room just to hear something we like and already know. With the onset of the visual medium the art of the spoken word may seem dead, but it really isn’t.

As a Podcaster not only are you bringing this skill back to life, you’re doing it while your industry, atleast in this country, is still in it’s infancy. It’s hard to keep going because monetization is a distant dream for most Indian podcasters. But, fret not, because we’ve come up with a list of ways for you to monetize your podcast using Tartl engagements.

Advance Episodes

This is the perfect way to start off your engagements especially if you’re just starting out. Givingyour supporters access to your episodes a day or so early gives them a sense of involvement and privilege and the only thing you have to do is make sure your episodes are finished and ready to release a couple of days earlier than usual. You can also add some private content here like a behind the scenes, extended content and other similar goodies

Subscriptions, Downloads and Benefits

Another wonderful perk you can offer your supporters is the all content you created for the podcast in doc or PDF form, not just the transcript. It takes a lot of research and effort to make a single episode. Why not let your supporters benefit from the hard work you’ve already put in? It also gives you an opportunity to show them exactly how much goes into making just one episode. This is particularly useful if you’re creating a true crime or historic podcast. Your listeners will be tempted to support you and your supporters will be happy campers as they dive deep into the pages of research you’ve done. You can also allow your research and your episodes to be downloaded so your listeners can enjoy them without needing an active internet connection.


Just as you were once inspired by another podcaster to create your own podcast, your followers are also probably curious as to what it takes to create one. If you are willing to share your knowledge this is an excellent engagement to offer! Teach then what equipment they need, what they have to buy and the amount of work that really goes into this field. Don’t think of it as creating competition, think of it as growing your community and being invaluable to this industry. Be the reason the next new podcast starts!


Now we get to the good part. We have to admit, we at Tartl love showing off our favourite creators on our person and what better way to support them than to be a walking advert! Trust me, people always want to know where we got that cool graphic shirt and when we tell them it’s from a podcaster we love they get curious as well.

Merch is a sure-fire way to get more ears to turn in and more people to be interested. It could be anything, an enamel pin, a bookmark set, a tshirt, a cap, keychains or even fridge magnets! Just make sure you own the art you’re making the merch with and get going. We recommend you do this for your supporters at the higher engagement levels and offer your goodies as a one time purchase to all your other supporters.

Exclusive Ad-free Episodes

This is another favourite of ours. Listening to content no one else has heard makes your supporters feel special and unique and you don’t have to learn another new skill to do this. Keep this particular engagement open to listener suggestions and allow your supporters to pick what they want to hear. Are you a history podcast? Maybe ask your listeners which particular event they want to hear about. Are you a true crime podcast? Some of your supporters might have a case they they want examined from your point of view. And who knows, you might discover something new yourself!

If you are looking for any other inspiration take a look at some of the amazing Podcasters already using Tartl. Tamil Preneur, Voice Of Achievers and The Reality Talk Show all use Tartl engagements to build a relationship with their supporters.

We love listening to podcasts and we hope this has inspired you to create engagements for your followers who adore you as well.

Happy Tartling.


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