Road blocks, challenges and problems are a norm in the lives of creators. As is evident from several artists and creators who talk about rising to fanfare from the bottom and from scratch, creativity and artistry is no mean feat. It takes a lot of courage to convert artisanship and creativity as a vocation. Although there are a number of examples from film makers to videographers to writers and painters they are of very few number. The majority are still struggling and some are even trying hard to make ends meet. Creators face several kinds of challenges in the their journey. A lot of them even came up to Tartl informed us of the problems they face. We spoke to a couple of people and decided to write a post on what to do about these problems.

  1. Motivation

Working in the creative industry can be filled with discontent and might lonely sometimes. But paradoxically, the motive lies in that very discontent. One of the most important solutions to motivating oneself is learning to be task oriented. Psychological research suggests that human beings do better work with enhanced motivation if the work is task oriented. To be task oriented is to set small goals and incentivize one self when the goal is reached. The incentives could be as small as buying one self a chocolate.

2. Consistency
Consistency is the key to success in any work we as human beings do. Discontinuity in our work affects us and also puts a blow on one’s motivation levels. One of the main reasons of inconsistency of a creator is creativity drain. To tackle creativity drains creators can schedule thinking buffers, that is distractions deeply affect our creativity hence it is important to schedule the time for work and time for break. Taking is break is very important since continuous creative thinking could lead to anxiety and affect creativity further. Creators could take on role of an observer and just simple observe. Often very mundane and simple things we observe fetch as creative ideas. Simply silent observation of things happening around us could give as a plethora of ideas.

3. Mind blocks
Often creators are faced with this self-doubt and dilemma whether people would be ready to pay them for their creative work. It is important to keep in mind that the world functions on artisanship and creativity. There can be no dearth of creative consumption. All popular artists started from scratch and from bottom probably with absolutely nothing in hand. Tartl is being built with this very mind block in mind. Tartl solves this problem for you. We bring into our platform creators and supporters so that artists can stop having these mind blocks and start creating with confidence and freedom.

4. Sustainability
Several creators come have conveyed to us that creativity and art is not a ‘lucrative’ vocation to be in. Many artists talk about sustainability as a reason they are hesitant to get into creativity as a vocation. Tartl again has been built to exactly solve this very same problem. Tartl is the solution to this problem. Now creating subscriptions are ways to start earning sustainable income. Fear no more, Tartl is here.


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