Passionate creators and artists would never wish to compromise on their creative work. This non-negotiability is one of the most important reasons why the world is reinventing itself each and everyday. New disruptions in every single entity of our world is a creative work of creators and artists world over. However ever since the industrial revolution, artists and creators had to take a back seat owing to the fact that careers were built not based on art but solely based on production. Artists began to find it difficult to cope up financially. Even one of the greatest painters of the bygone era, Vincent Van Gogh died of poverty. 

However, it would be right to call the era as by-gone since in this information era, art has begun to take center-stage yet again. Art gigs have become very popular. A lot of artists and creators are leaving hefty paychecks to get back to what they are passionate about, art and creativity. 

That being said, there are challenges that artists and creators are still facing. One of the most vital of it is income. Since artists are also ‘entrepreneurs’, even their daily living is based on ‘return on investment’, just that in this case investment is in labour of the artists or the creator. Tartl is one such platform which supports artists in obtaining returns on their investment. There are several waste to boost returns.

Boosting Subscription Count

The most obvious and primary of the strategies would be to increase the subscription count. As in industrial economies, the concept of ‘economies of scale’ applies to anything that involves money and income. More the number of units, the more the income. Running a subscription is equivalent to running a business. It involves strategized and multiple levels. If boosting one’s income involves involves strategies, so does boosting subscription count. You can read more on subscription strategies here. 

Uniqueness of Creation

The internet has disrupted and democratised art. Today, artists are taking to the internet to create a lot of content that at one point it all becomes extremely overwhelming and mundane to audience. In such an era of creation and information overload, standing out of the crowd becomes imperative. Creating unique subscriptions alone would help boost subscription thereby boosting income. 


In the corporate world, branding is given utmost importance. Several companies rely solely on the brand for their sales. Branding helps supporters emotionally connect with the creator. It is important to always go beyond functional benefit of the creative offering and give supporters an emotional benefit for them to hook themselves onto.

Multiple Subscriptions

Relying solely on a single subscription for the entire income goals would force creators to rely on economies of scale, that is creators would be forced to rely on boosting subscriptions. However, creating multiple subscriptions would help diversify sources of income. This would have a cancellation effect, as in, if there is a low income from one of the subscriptions, the other subscriptions can compensate for the same. Multiple subscriptions not only help provide stable income, but also help diversify the creator’s portfolio.


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