The Indian podcast sphere might just be in its infancy but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good ones around. We are a culture that is rich and diverse, filled with innovation and stories. There’s enough creativity to give us content for the next few decades. Today we have an extensive and excellent list of top ten podcasts from India; some of them, so good, you may never stop listening.

1. On Purpose With Jay Shetty

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You’ve all heard of Jay Shetty and you’re sure to have watched him on The Today Show, The Ellen DeGeneres show and, my personal favourite, Little Late With Lilly Singh. In his podcast, On Purpose, he wants to bring to you quick little inspiring episodes that keep you motivated, positive and inspired. We’d recommend starting with the Yes Theory episode and this one with the beloved Alicia Keys.

2. Bhaskar Bose

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Bhaskar Bose is an accountant by profession and a detective by passion. If that isn’t inspiring enough then get this. This is one of the top Indian detective podcasts right now. Narrated mainly in Hindi, this is definitely one for all the regional language fans. We recommend starting at the very first episode to get the complete experience.

3. Kahaani Suno

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We all love a good story. Climbing under the sheets with a good book, a good movie or listening to someone reading a book to us is something that everyone likes at some point. Kahani Suno is a podcast that aims to fulfil your hunger for that long forgotten art of storytelling. Hosted by Sameer Goswami, this podcast is definitely one to add to the list if you know Hindi.

4. Maed In India

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Finally! India’s answer to MTV but with a focus on Indie bands, both Indian and international! Maed In India gives you a behind the scenes like you’ve never seen…er…heard before. With stripped down studio sessions, interviews and more in each episode, you are sure to find this one podcast worth subscribing to. It’s not at the top of the charts for nothing you know.

5. The Internet Said So

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Hosted by four friends Aadar, Neville, Kautuk and Varun, The Internet said So is a hilarious podcast filled with laughs, experiences and just all round lightheartedness. It is in a mix of Hindi and English so there’s something for everyone. We recommend this for that long commute now that the lockdown is lifted and we are all going back to work.

6. Simple Ken

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Hosted by the hilarious Kenny Sebastien, Simple Ken is just what you need after a tired long day at work. No advice, no gyan, just an episode filled with quirky observational humour and laughs. If you enjoy his sense of humour you will definitely enjoy this podcast.

7. The Indian Startup Show

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Being a startup ourselves we cannot help but recommend a podcast about people like us! Neil Patel is such a well known name that you can jump into this podcast and know that you will learn something new, inspiring and useful in each epusode.

8. The Musafir Stories

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If you’re a travel lover then this is the podcast for you. Musafir Stories is a podcast hosted by Saif Omar and Faiza Khan and their aim is to inspire you to take a leap of faith. Each episode is a rich tale of experiences in the words of fellow travellers, designed to inspire you to travel. Now, we may not be able to travel right now thanks to the pandemic but we certainly can scratch that itch through these stories.

9. The Inspiring Talk

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Hosted by Bijay Gautham, The Inspiring Talk is all about, well, the inspiration. Each episode Bijay Gautham sits down with someone successful and talks to them about their career. The thing we love about this podcast is that it isn’t just about the rose tinted picture. The guests also talk about their struggles and the obstacles they face. If you’re going through a rough patch and looking for something to keep you going, this is the podcast for you.

10. 100x Entrepreneur

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Everyone is an entrepreneur these days but if you want to become one for the history books this podcast might be what you’re looking for. 100x Entrepreneur is a podcast where the host, Siddharth Ahluwalia, sits down with successful entrepreneurs, professionals and venture capitalists to tell you how to become 100x yourself. The host only hopes that his podcast helps his listeners grow and reach their true potential in life and in business.

Those are our top 10 Indian podcasts. Do you have your own podcast? Here are some tips on how to monetize your podcast in India.

Happy listening!


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