If you’re just getting started on podcasts it can be a bit intimidating to pick from the ocean of choices. Even if you know what you like how do you know you’ll like the host? Maybe the background music puts you off! Or maybe you just want a few options to dip your toes in and just get a feel for it. We have you sorted. Today, we have for you, our top ten pics on Spotify to introduce you to the world of podcasts.

1. Office Ladies

Top spotify podcasts office ladies

This one is for fans of The Office. We all love reruns of our favourite shows, but imagine actually listening to the stars of the show talking about the show! Is it any surprise that this podcast is at the top of the charts? Start at the beginning and listen as these two best friends break down each episode and give you secret behind the scenes stories that only someone who was there would know.

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2. My Favourite Murder

top spotify podcasts

The name might be a little morbid…and so is the podcast. But, My Favourite Murder, hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstart is one of the top True Crime podcasts of the world. Yes, the whole damn world! And for good reason. Their style of narration with comedy, personal touches and other bits of whimsy makes theirs one of the first to set the trend for True Crime podcast styles. It also makes the episodes much easier to go through considering the gruesome topics. We recommend bingeing this from the very beginning.

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3. The Receipts Podcast

must listen podcasts on spotify

Hosted by Tolani Shoneye, Audery Indome and Milena Sanchez, The Receipts Podcast is touted as UK’s most hilarious podcast and it certainly lives up to that claim! The podcast was started as a challenge from a male podcaster who said women couldn’t start a show like theirs and these three twitter friends decided to prove them wrong. And boy did they do that! Listen to it if you love unadulterated honesty and fun girl talk.

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4. No Such Thing As A Fish

top podcasts on spotify

Yet another hilarious podcast; this one shares a crazy amount of random knowledge. Think Nigel from Bones but funnier and less drunk. Hosted by Anna Ptaszynski, Dan Schreiber, James Harkin and Andrew Hunter Murray, each episode is an absolute delight to listen to. Perfect to have on in the background while you do your chores. You will be finished before you can grumble about the dishes.

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5. Casefile : True Crime

top true crime podcasts spotify

If true crime is your thing but comedy doesn’t quite sit right with you then Casefile is the one for you. The host speaks in a sombre tone throughout, giving you facts over flourishes and letting you be the judge of what happened. Each episode deals with cases that you may not have heard of. The host handles it with a delicate respect, befitting the subject at hand. We recommend starting with The Silk Road.

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6. Stuff You Should Know

top 10 spotify

You know that weird thing no one knows about but you can talk about it and kickstart the dinner party conversation? This podcast is filled with stuff like that. Only difference is it’s filled with stuff you may not know but you really ought to. It isn’t just boring basic stuff either, you learn about how Police chases work, how Blacksmiths were and even about the Anti–Dieting movement. With each episode between 15 minutes to an hour, you can find something to fit any timeframe, including your morning potty.

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7. Myths And Legends

mythology podcasts spotify

Hosted by Jason Weiser, this podcast takes you into a world of legends, myths and folklore, much like your grandmother used to. Only with the added edge of technology, voice acting and absolutely no censoring. Seriously, there’s all the lore with a bit of gore! We recommend this for fans of history, fantasy and, of course, storytelling!

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8. Waveform : The MKBHD podcast


We know you adore MKBHD. Who doesn’t! And if you didn’t know, he’s got a podcast and it’s about almost as successful as his youtube channel. Listen to this for all your interesting news, updates and any other interesting titbits about the tech world from someone who understands it better than you or me. We recommend starting with the latest episode as of right now.

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9. The Misfits Podcast

top ten spotify podcasts

If you’re a gamer and just love feeling like you’re hanging out with friends then look no further. Each episode is hilarious and bro timey and it’s perfect to listen to (or watch) while you’re busy playing a casual game! Perfect if you aren’t one for that rehearsed and scripted style of podcasting.

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10. Nothing Much Happens

Top 10

Bedtime Stories to help you sleep is how this podcast describes itself. Hosted by Yoga teacher Katheryn Nicolai this podcast definitely lives up to its name. She has a lovely low key voice that would be perfect if you like ASMR. Don’t speed this up, listen to it at the pace its released in and you will find yourself falling asleep in no time.

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These are our current picks for the top 10 podcasts you must listen to on Spotify. If you’ve got your own podcast and want to get listed on the top three directories, check out this post.

Happy listening.


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