The Tartl Engine is what every creative needs in this digital age to connect with their followers while also connecting with their art. We are, simply put, a one-stop solution for all your creative management needs.

Tartl helps you earn money from your work, manage your time effectively, manage your income, manage your image and collaborate with other creatives. We do this by automating a lot of things that you or your agency have been doing manually. Even connecting with your fans can now be made easy with just a couple of one time clicks using the Tartl engine and its features. 

We know how hard it is to be a creative person in this day and age. Technology means you can reach out into the world and find the people who are your tribe, who truly get your work. But at the same time, it means the competition is heavy and if you aren’t efficient with your strategies, you’re losing out. We get that doing each and everything by yourself can be hard, especially when you’re starting and you’re yet to become the force that you can be. 

So, instead of juggling everything you do as a creator trying to earn recognition for your work, use the Tartl Engine Suite to automate a lot of smaller tasks for a bigger reward. 

 You have definitely heard of Patreon. Well, Tartl is a little bit like that. But we’ve also combined a few other features to make it more productive for you. For example, you can use the Tartl Engine to organise your events and appearances, if you are a musician you can use it to organise your gigs and let all your fans know about where you’ll be and when. You can also use the Tartl engine to get more exposure and reach new fans through collaborations with other creatives on our platform. Basically, anything you need for your success, Tartl has it. 

We provide the following solutions to anything you could possibly need including, but not limited to

  • Portfolio Management: Create dedicated portfolio pages for the talents which are being currently managed by you
  • Engagements Management: Create multiple engagements for each creator/talent with a possibility to assign with their talent managers
  • Payment Management: Split payments to process and deliver payments between the stakeholders
  • Communities: Dedicated engagements between talent and their followers with all the relevant community-driven features like discussions (closed/open), etc
  • Teams: To create a hierarchical association between the talent firm, talent manager and the talent
  • Live sessions (One to many): Experience sessions between the creator and their followers   
  • Discovery: Advanced search and custom filters for users to discover engagements and content                               


And you aren’t our first rodeo. We are currently helping over 85 creative organizations save effort and time in managing their artists and their work, thereby enhancing the engagement among their followers. Tartl Engine fits right in your current platform, whatever it may be, without many major changes. 

The Tartl Engine is a plug and play tool for creative organisations. You can have it integrated into a custom domain or with your existing environment. For example, Indiegaga was able to use Tartl Engine on top of their existing platform and drive better engagement with their followers. 

We are working with some of the leading bands in India like Thaikkudam Bridge, Agam, Music schools Production Houses. Our client Thaikkudam Bridge had an enormous challenge to try to develop a picture of their meet and greet sessions with their fans during their latest album launch in Bangalore. Tartl Engine and its simple approach to automate the process of providing access for experience sessions helped save a huge transaction cost on other platforms and improve their brand engagements. 

And you are in safe hands as we have won recognition globally. In Singapore from one of the leading global media firms and also by the Startup India program and the Govt. of Kerala.

So come join the Tartl family 😃



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