Since time immemorial supporters make or break a creator. An artist without a support system can hardly remain an artist if he is to keep his body and soul together; and an artist without financial support will have to face reality and do something else altogether.

But as The Doctor says “Save the Poet, save humanity.” which is exactly what Tartl wants to do.

We are no longer living at a time period where the rich and powerful offer to support artists just because there is a sense of pride in it. While that may be disappointing, there is one upside. Back then you had to abide by the wishes of the family supporting you, now, with modernity and the internet, you can do your work your way and have people support you anyway. These are supporters amongst your followers, genuine supporters who want to see you succeed, who want your work to become as important to others as your art is to them. Tartl basically brings these supporters and the creators they love together to create a beautiful, long lasting relationship.

So, why Tartl?

Well, for starters, Tartl is the modern, techy version of the aforementioned relationship. You can have your work out there with the help of followers turned supporters! You don’t have to worry about not being the loudest voice on various social media platforms because there is no such race on Tartl! When you bring your followers over to Tartl you can allow them to choose what engagement they want and everything you put out, will reach them.

What do you get?

You simply get economic support and stability without having to compromise on your art and your vision. Creativity has many modern forms now, photography, game design, digital art, spoken word poetry, rap and so on and so forth. Whatever your corner in this artistic world your supporters will provide you with the economic and emotional support to help you get where you need to be!

What do your supporters get?

Well they get to take a peek behind the curtains. It’s not every day that you can see how art is being made, but with modern tech this is possible. They also get to see previews, behind the scenes and maybe even one on one sessions. Whatever is within your ability and inclination to give, they get to experience and enjoy it.

What next?

Just utilise this platform and work hard at becoming the superstar that we all know you can be.

We are offering you some of Tartl’s PRO features for free for a limited period. Take charge of your creative journey right away at


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