You have your Tartl account. You’ve got your followers. You even have people who keep coming back to listen to your content time and again!

But you want to know how to get those followers to support you, right? Don’t think too much about it. We have your back.

Here are three simple and easy ways to get your followers to support you on Tartl.

  1. Create content on schedule.

What happens when you create content on schedule is that you tell your followers that you are reliable. They now know to expect something from you on a certain date or within a certain time period. This reflects rather well on you. I mean, no one likes the flaky friend no matter how fun they are. We all like rocks and reliability, someone who will show up for us. It could be in any form. That musician whose music makes you feel better, that author whose books you can rely on to brighten a bad day or, in your case, the podcaster whose episodes just cheer you up! So be that reliable entertainer that your fans want to support.

  1. Listen to your fans

No, seriously. Listen to what they have to say. Listen to their feedback, listen to their content requests and make sure you indulge them within reason. We aren’t saying you need to put out an episode everyday if they want that, but maybe turn it to one or two episodes a week. And this isn’t just on Tartl. Listen to your fans everywhere, hold a Q&A on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! Maybe follow the more interesting ones back. You never know, you could even make a friend along the way.

  1. Subscription Models

Subscription models are all the rage now. It is the only way or an independent creator to support themselves and the work they do. But you might wonder, what’s in it for the fans?

Well, depending on just how well you’ve followed step 2, a lot!

Start by making the content there exclusive to your supporters. Give them an extra episode a week, something only THEY will have access too. Everyone loves the feeling of exclusivity, use this to your advantage. Sure it’s a bit of work but when people are parting with their hard earned money to support you, they need to get something in return. Let them have their episodes a day early. Give them access to unique merch, behind the scenes. The possibilities are endless!

The thing is, with a little bit of consistency and hard work you can turn your followers into supporters.

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