The foundation of Tartl is based on art, creation and community. The building that Tartl is would gradually fall even if one of these pillars is taken away. Building a community is more than just an exercise. It is a way of expression which itself is an art. Community building is more worthwhile than its explicit functional benefits. The explicit functional benefits being more supports and more engagements. But apart from that it is very fulfilling and gratifying characteristic of a lively artist. Community building thus becomes an essential chore in the life of an artist.

Create Personalized Connections

The most gratifying thing for a fan or a supporter is getting in personal touch with their favorite creators. Enjoying the art and creation is only a part of the whole artistic experience that fans have. Beyond the enjoyment lies relatability and personal connection that the fan has with the creator. There can be several artists of same kind, but the one who builds better and stronger personalized connections would always stand out.

Understand Your Supporters

As is been said in many other Tartl blogs, it is important to understand the supporters. Art is seldom a one way process. It always contains a feedback loop that keeps it going. Feedback loops are the basis for course correction and motivation. At the end of the feedback loop there arises an understand of the nature of your supporters. This understanding is crucial towards concluding on what kind of content to produce. Keep the feedback loop going and understand your supporters in order to engage with them better.

Take Them Along Your Journey

In order for your supporters to feel a sense of belonging and an existence of a community it is important take your supporters along in your artistic journey. One way to do it is to start offline community building activities like meeting offline, doing collective activities like a beach clean up etc., This would mean a humanly connection and better engagement with your supporters. This is would give a whole new meaning to you and your supporters who always seek such a meaning.

Take Other Artists Along

What is evident and is important of a communal living is to also let live the other communities. It is important to collaborate and take other artists along. This would be a great opportunity for cross community and cross artist engagement. This would lead to a mutual exchange and promotion culminating into a win-win situation to all the stake holders.

Constantly Interact

Consistency is a key to any success. It is important to consistently and constantly engage with your community as a whole and in its parts. This has become easier in this information era with the rise of social media. Social media has been interaction easier and accessible and democratic. Engagement with people is no longer an elite prospect. Thus, using all the social media platforms to constantly engage and talk to the community to get the artistic journey and the community which is an essential part of the journey going.


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