Being an Indie musician is daunting. Not only are you completely incharge of your own marketing, you also produce, write and do everything else independently. And the thought of having to do all of this on yet another platform is a bit intimidating!

We understand why you might feel that way. Not only are you asking your followers to come to yet another platform, you also are asking your fans to turn supporter. It can be daunting to do something like that. But if you don’t start your page now, how will you know exactly how many supporters you have.

Tartl isn’t a marketing website, it’s not a social media space for people to discover you. This is a space for your hardcore followers to come over and turn into supporters. If you want to do that, keep reading.

Photo by Akshar Dave on Unsplash

Before you join Tartl, figure out what your expectations are.

What that means is, see if your followers are going to be willing to come over and support you before expecting them to. There are many kinds of followers, not everyone can join a platform and take on a monetary subscription, especially your younger followers. So, analyse who your followers are, see if they will support you and set your page up accordingly. For example, Thaikkudam Bridge is a very popular band on Tartl using it for business.

If, on the other hand, your expectations from Tartl are merely to take advantage of the masterclass feature, collaborate with other artists and generally prepare for your future as an artist , then you need to take a different route of setting up your page and promoting it.

You could even do both like Mahesh Raghunandan who offers two tiers, Backstage I and Backstage II. Each offers unique titbits, masterclasses and behind the scenes to his subscribers.

Now that you’ve decided how you want to use Tartl, it’s time to get your page ready. First things first, make sure your page represents you as an artist. Think of it as your room or your digital studio, the second your followers click that link they should feel as though they’ve entered your little space on the internet.

Once your page is set up and ready to go, start by telling a few select people so that they can follow you. This way your close circle can also see the rewards or subscriptions you’re offering and see if there is something more or less that you can do. Don’t feel shy about asking for advice from other musicians on the platform, afterall, we in the industry must support each other!

Now your page is ready and published, your fans are following you, you’ve promoted everywhere and more fans are joining your page every week. Brilliant! But don’t get complacent. Remember the old adage, “Out of sight, out of mind.” and keep your page as active as you possibly can. The people here are your most ardent supporters so treat them that way.

You’re all set. Over the next few days and weeks you’ll get to know what your fans respond to and what doesn’t work for them. Keep an ear out and start playing.

Happy Tartling!


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